The Advanced Hydrolyzed Collagen enhanced with Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamins


CYNERGY MEDTM is a nutritional supplement which has been specifically formulated to produce immediate benefits. One of the main advantages of CYNERGY MEDTM is that its practical formulation and high concentration make it a significantly effective product. Simply take the recommended daily dose of this unique supplement with its pleasant flavor and begin to feel the positive effects within 15 days.



It is an innovative, high quality product in an affordable price for customers. It possesses the credentials to promote high standards. In order to maintain the definition of “high quality”, long-term research has been carried out which resulted to the final choice of this patented CYNERGY MEDTM Collagen Peptides.


  • Its antioxidant properties fight free radicals
  • It comes in the form of peptides for ultimate absorption by the human body
  • It contains high quality collagen from a pure, natural source – fish!

Why Fish Collagen?

Fish collagen is the purest and most natural collagen source. Studies have shown that it achieves ultimate absorption within the human body. CYNERGY MEDTM Collagen contains collagen from Tilapia fish which possesses the largest available quantity of specific amino acids comparable to collagen from other species*.

This collagen is free from polluting factors while its retrieval takes place under controlled production and fishing conditions.

*Α.Α.Karim, et.al. ‘Fish gelatins: properties, challenges and prospects as an alternative to mammalian gelatins. Food Hydrocoloids.2009; 563-567 - Zhou, P. et al. ‘Properties of Alaska Pollock Skin Gelatin: A Comparison with Tilapia and Pork Skin Gelatins. Journal of Food Science. 2006; 71 (6)

Why Vitamins B1, B3, B5 and C?

Vitamin C has antioxidant properties against free radicals and contributes towards the production of natural skin collagen, towards the production of cartilage, the healing of wounds and the healthy functioning of blood vessels. Vitamin B1 maintains the smooth functioning of the nervous system while it plays a central role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. It also adjusts appetite while protecting vital organs from environmental pollution, smoking and other harmful habits. Vitamin B3 relieves the body of toxins and protects it from numerous polluting factors. It helps cellular respiration, and helps the process of digestion. Vitamin B5 enhances the immune system and protects against fatigue. These elements in conjunction with collagen and Hyaluronic acid are all concentrated within an extremely well-rounded beauty complex which provides not only nourishment but also micro-therapeutic properties which help enhance the natural production of collagen by the body itself. CYNERGY MEDTM incorporates a number of enhancements that make the product much more effective than other collagen-based compounds in the market.